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YOU are the Star!

Front Line Situational Role Play Workshop
To Dramatically Improve Guest Interaction

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The nature of this program is to take a team / department and run them through specific skill set scenarios a multiple of times to insure comprehension and application.  Once specific scenarios are played out, participants watch themselves in a positive critique session we call Real Time Review.  After the Real Time Review session is completed participants once again act out the same specific skill set scenarios until they achieve mastery.

This interactive "hands-on" team building workshop puts your front line employees in the movies!  Participants will dress in fun costumes and act out real life, industry specific, scenarios while being continuously guided & directed through numerous learning points.   Each attendee will receive their own copy of the movie and your organization will have created a custom designed internal training DVD to be used for new hires and specific skill set reinforcement. This is a great way to build your own training DVD library!

Great For:

  • Wait Staff
  • Greeters & Seaters
  • Bar Tenders & Beverage Servers
  • Cashiers & Cage Employees
  • Dealers & Slot Attendants
  • Front Desk Hotel Staff
  • Room Service Operators & Servers

Front- Line Team Ambassadors Will Learn And Immediately Be Able To Apply Their Enhanced Critical Guest Interaction Skills!

Activities are shot using state-of -the-art high-definition video cameras, professional audio equipment, and green screen technology. The sets for these YOU ARE THE STAR workplace scenarios are limitless! The camera work is left to Filmmaker Jonathan VanBallenberghe from Open Lens Productions so that the actors can concentrate on acting out Peter Scott's learning points.

The eight - hour staff development session includes a video monitor review learning session for maximum retention.

DVD Features: Filming of the YOU ARE THE STAR scenarios edited with imaginative virtual environments; music and sound special effects; Hollywood-style lighting; narration and recap by Peter Scott; custom graphics; 3D titles and credits; and custom DVD menu with bloopers special feature.

  • 4 Hr Investment - $6,100 Per Session

  • 6 Hr Investment - $7,600 Per Session

  • 8 Hr Investment - $9,300 Per Session

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